Choose Casey Buys Homes rather than a real estate agent

Local house-buying company that operates in California. They are working to make the process of selling your house in California, fast, easy, and stress-free. The company’s biggest service is that they buy properties “as-is,” so you don’t have to spend money on home repairs and don’t even need to clean your house. They provide a range of services, such as cash offers, speedy closings, and no-obligation consultations, for people who want to sell their house quickly. The company makes sure that when a consumer sells a home through them, they get the most money for it. They take the time to inspect your house, evaluate the market, and then present you with a reasonable cash offer

Why selling with Casey Buys Home is better than a real estate agent?

  • Commission- Real estate agents usually take up to 6% of the seller’s pay as commission while selling with Casey Buys Home is free of cost.
  • Closing fees- While selling your house through agents you need to pay on average 2% of the seller pay as fees. However, if sold with the company, the company will bear all the closing fees.
  • Fast closure of deal- Real estate agent takes on an average of 90+ days to close the deal while selling with the company you will receive an instant cash offer within 24 hrs of contacting the company.
  • Closing date- After acceptance of the buyer’s offer it takes almost 30 to 60 days for the closing of the deal. However, the company provides you with the option to schedule your closing date. It guarantees to close your deal in as little as 7 days if needed.
  • Repairing cost- With real estate agents, either you have to repair your house on your own or have to negotiate with the buyer over it. But, with Casey Buys Home you don’t need to spend a penny, the company pays for all repairs.


They buy all types of properties whether it is a house, apartment, condo, duplex, townhouse, mobile home, or land. You don’t need to wait for anyone’s approval for these sales without any open houses, series of inspections, or contingencies. You don’t need to go through the time taking and hectic process of selling the house.