Rent with redemption or real estate rent to buy is a novelty in the Italian real estate panorama that is convenient for both the seller and the buyer, but what does it consist of and what are its strengths and weaknesses? The rent-to-buy contract allows the tenant to rent a house by paying a deposit and the rental fee, and then subtract these figures from the final sum for the purchase of the property. Thanks to the freedom in the possible agreements, this system allows to establish the most convenient solution for both parties, with possible variations in the rent quotas, in the final sale price, in the duration of the contract, in the management of the final purchase. But how to determine if a rent with redemption is the best solution to sell or buy your home?



Freezing of the purchase price : signing a real estate Rent to Buy contract allows you to fix the price of the property on the contract, allowing for safe long-term planning without the risk of incurring speculative bubbles , which can create large variations in the price of the property

The rental period allows you to “try” the property before buying it : in many formulas of the rental agreement with redemption, the choice of whether or not to buy the house is deferred to the end of the rental agreement. In these cases while the seller is obligated to sell the house, the buyer may decide to give it up, thus allowing him to test the property and decide whether buying it is the best choice or not. In the event that the buyer chooses not to buy the house, he would clearly only pay the sums already disbursed in advance, used anyway for the rent.

You do not need a mortgage to immediately access the property : by obtaining the property for rent, part of the final cost is paid in installments in the installments established in the lease agreement, in this way it is possible to avoid the expenses associated with a mortgage and the risk of possible rate variations.