Mastering The Art Of Playing Guitar: Tips And Techniques

Guitars are a wonderful instrument allowing you to be both the drummer and the singer, but mastering how to play guitar can often seem like an impossible task. All guitar players have their own methods and techniques important to them in order to make playing easy and enjoyable. Here are the techniques of playing guitar.

Picking the perfect Guitar

If you are thinking of learning how to play guitar in Queen Creek, then buying the right one is very important. It is best to buy a guitar that is easy to hold and play rather than a cheap model that will keep you from playing. If the instrument doesn’t feel comfortable in the hand then you will lose concentration on why you are playing. When choosing a guitar it is best to choose one that has a nice finish, a neck that is not too big or too small, and very comfortable to play for long periods of time.

The Right Hand Position

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Different guitarist hold their hands in different positions when playing the guitar. The way you hold your hand will greatly influence your playing. If you are left-handed then it is very important that you get a guitar with a built in strap button that leaves your wrist straight. This will allow the chords to ring out clearly. If you are right-handed then it is best to get a guitar with strap buttons on the back of the headstock and neck pocket. Having these buttons at the back of the guitar allows your thumb to go straight up and down as well as hands to be parallel when playing chords.

The Rest of the Body

The best way to prevent hand strain when playing guitar is to get a guitar with a smooth neck and very thin neck profile. The body of the instrument should also be thin in order for you to easily reach for the next note on the low E string. Any extra weight or bulk will make playing difficult and uncomfortable.

Practice Time

If you want to become an excellent guitarist then practice time is a must. You won’t know what you are doing if you don’t practice. It is important to practice the positions and techniques a lot. When playing guitar, the thumb, index finger and middle finger are used to pick a string. Of these fingers that you use will depend on the type of playing you have. For example, if your playing is heavy then it might be best to use your thumb for picking. If your playing is light then it might be best to use your index finger or middle finger for picking.